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Experience gentle and affordable dental care for the entire family. We provide complete dental services that promote healthy teeth. Our highly trained dentists and staff will make your visit to our office a pleasant one. Dental Health Center utilizes fillings, crowns, Invisalign, and effective teeth whitening options that help you achieve that beautiful smile you’ve always wanted. If you are undergoing pain or require emergency dental work, please contact Dental Health Center immediately at (281) 354-2244.

Our Services

Explore a full spectrum of dental services designed to keep your smile radiant and healthy. Our offerings include:


Invisalign is one of the leading methods of teeth alignment to help you obtain a nice and straight smile.



Bridges are a great option for filling empty gaps from missing teeth by using surrounding teeth as support.


Dental Bridge

Bridges are a great option for filling empty gaps from missing teeth by using surrounding teeth as support.



Exams, often including X-Rays, are typically performed every six months to evaluate your overall oral health.

Why Choose Us?

Experienced Team:

Our skilled team of dentists and support staff brings years of experience and a commitment to excellence.

Patient-Centered Care

Your comfort and satisfaction are our top priorities. We take the time to listen to your concerns and tailor our treatments to your individual needs.

State-of-the-Art Facility

Our modern and well-equipped facility ensures that you receive the latest in dental technology and treatments.


Proudly serving the New Caney community, we believe in giving back and building lasting relationships with our patients.


Our office hours are Monday – Friday from 9am to 5pm. We also offer emergency dental services and weekends by appointment

You can schedule an appointment by calling our office at (281) 354-2244 or by visiting our website or using the online appointment request form.

Regular dental check-ups, cleanings, and practicing good oral hygiene at home are essential for maintaining optimal oral health.

We provide dental care for patients of the age 6 months and up, that includes children, adults, and seniors.

We welcome feedback from our patients. You can share your experience by leaving a review on our website or social media pages, or by contacting our office directly. Your feedback helps us continually improve our services.

Regular dental check-ups allow our team to detect and address dental issues early, preventing more extensive and costly treatments in the future.

It is generally recommended to have a dental cleaning every six months. However, your dentist may suggest a different schedule based on your individual oral health needs.

Client Testimonials

Elisa WilliamsonElisa Williamson
22:26 13 Jan 24
I have been going to Dental Health for a while. I have always been pleased with the office staff, the hygienist and the dentist. Now I am on Medicare and no longer have dental insurance I am cash paying and they are very reasonable in price. Amanda was my dental hygienist was Amanda she was very efficient and excellent work. If you need help with anything ask for Mo he was so very nice and helpful. If you’re looking for a new dental office give them a try you will not be disappointed.
tom branchtom branch
16:56 17 Dec 23
The entire staff at Dental Health Center of New Caney provide great service and are always friendly and professional. Whether you are going in for a routine cleaning and exam or find yourself in need of a more intricate dental procedure, I highly recommend you choose Dental Health Center of New Caney. Great folks!!!
Alexis GarciaAlexis Garcia
16:31 16 Dec 23
Highly recommend, the staff is AWSOME.
Keith DouglassKeith Douglass
16:05 09 Dec 23
Lisa WilsonLisa Wilson
15:56 09 Dec 23
They are very helpful. I highly recommend them. You will not find a better group of people.
Noami RosalesNoami Rosales
04:29 25 Oct 23
Staff is incredible, my toddler (4) loves it here and my daughter (15) is always accommodated. She said she was cold this last time we went and she got a whole fluffy blanket. Little brat lol Staff is sweet and kind and quick with everything from start to finish. Everything is clean and i would 100% recommend checking to see if your insurance is accepted here. I have UHC TexasStar, my medicaid was one of the ones they covered. Hope this helps.
B DaskB Dask
15:49 26 Aug 23
I know just as well as anyone how hard it is to find a truly good, HONEST, and caring dentist. I can say I found that here. I went to other dentists and was told I needed root canals so I went here to pay to just have them removed due to being expensive. After being seen I was told in fact nothing was wrong and my gums were inflamed. I was put on a prescription and all pain stopped and I have never gone to another dentist since. I know when I go here I will be told if there honestly is a problem and it will be taken care of at an incredible cost. As long as they are open our family will go nowhere else.
V_l HV_l H
00:16 17 Aug 23
Oh my goodness y'all!!! I had to get a tooth pulled today and after three prior experiences with three different dentists, I was scared. The needle that goes in the roof of your mouth is the worst part and I dread it every time. This dentist, I don't know how, did not hurt me, not one time. I really thought there's no way that he numbed my mouth good enough. It felt like he didn't stick that big long needle near far enough in the roof of my mouth because I didn't even feel it at all. Boy was I wrong! I was numbed up REAL good!!! I felt absolutely nothing but some pressure during the whole process. EVERYONE in the office was just absolutely amazing and went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable, happy, and at ease. We were asked multiple times if we wanted a room temperature water (I'm assuming because of tooth sensitivities), a cold water, or Gatorade. Both of the dentists that are there joke with you which of course takes your mind off of what you're worried about when really there's not even no worry with these guys. The dental assistants are so nice and on top of it, too. I've never had an experience anything quite like this and I'm not even exaggerating. Even the wait time, there was none! I didn't have time to finish my one paper that they ask you to fill out for new patients before they called me to the back. On the way out my mother-in-law (I had her go with me for support) ☺️ said I think we found our new family dentist and I 100% agree!!! Oh yeah, the price was perfect. I had called (edited the name out jic), a dentist in Porter by Pats, a few days ago and the guy over the phone told me that he would pull the tooth I needed pulled for $150 to $190. My appointment day I showed up and the lady at the front desk tried getting a $59 office fee as soon as I walked in the door. I told her I wanted to verify that I wasn't going to be paying any more than $190 to get this tooth pulled and she was like, oh no, our prices start off at $240 and goes up to $400 and something. I told her that's not the price I was given over the phone. Needless to say, I just walked out, came home, got on Google and found Dental Health Center. I called them and was given a way better price and they stuck to their word.

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