Teeth Whitening

 Teeth whitening is a process which makes your smile whiter, brighter, and more appealing. Bleaching removes stains and discolorations from your teeth. Our practice provides a variety of teeth whitening choices, such as in-office bleaching, trays, or strips.

If you desire whiter teeth quickly, in-office bleaching can provide you that bright smile in a process that only takes approximately an hour. First, we apply a protective gel on your gums. Next, we apply a light-activated gel on your teeth. Finally, a laser activates the gel to whiten your teeth. At the end of the procedure, we provide our patients a take-home gel to keep your smile looking white for years.

Another option is tray whitening which you can perform in the convenience of your own home. We provide you with the necessary instructions on how to place the whitening gel into your trays and how often you should wear your trays. This procedure is less expensive than in-office bleaching; however, the results are noticed gradually over the treatment period.
Another option for teeth whitening is whitening strips. Please consult with us about over-the-counter whitening strips for a recommendation that is best for you.

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